Learn ethical hacking from stories of real vulnerabilities.

You’ve Googled “how to hack”.

You’re overwhelmed by resources.

You’ve followed some roadmaps.

You’re struggling to find vulnerabilities. (Or maybe not.)

Hell, you might even work in security already!

Yet, you know there’s still more to learn.

That’s what ThreatDEV is for.

ThreatDEV teaches you to hack through stories of REAL vulnerabilities that I’ve found.

No matter what stage you’re at.

About Corben:

I do bug bounties and (try to do) security research.

I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Dakota State University in December 2021.

Some of my accomplishments include (I know you don't care):

  • I won the Department of Defense's Hack the Army 2.0 & 3.0 challenges.

  • I've reported vulnerabilities to PayPal, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, AT&T, Epic Games, Starbucks, and many more companies that I can't disclose 😢

You can find me on Twitter and see more write-ups on my other blog.

Now, I’m the co-founder of Boring Mattress Co

About Jason:

I have been doing offensive security for almost 20 years now, including penetration testing, bug bounty, and red teaming.

I’ve (ethically) hacked into the majority of the Forbes top 100 companies.

You can find me at @jhaddix and see other offensive security content on my blog and YouTube.

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Learn to ethically hack from stories of real vulnerabilities. By Corben Leo (@hacker_) and Jason Haddix (@jhaddix)


I hack stuff (legally)
@jhaddix on Twitter, 20 years of penetration testing and hacking!